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Guest Coaches

Premier regularly invites Valentin Nikolayev, World and Olympic coach; and Evgueni Nemirovskii, World and Olympic choreographer to work with skaters in both group classes and individual lessons. Coach Nikolayev is an internationally renowned figure skating coach who has conducted over 100 international seminars for other coaches. Countries including Germany and Israel have retained Mr. Nikolaev to work with the coaches of their national teams. Figure skaters personally coached by Mr. Nikolayev have earned 2 Olympic Gold medals, 2 World Gold medals, 11 Silver and Bronze World medals, 4 World Junior Championship Gold medals and 4 European Championship titles. Viktor Petrenko and Oksana Baiul are only two of the elite skaters coached by Mr. Nikolayev. Mr. Nemirovskii has also worked with Baiul and Petrenko, having choreographed programs for both. His choreography has graced Olympic, World and European competitions. Now living in Dallas, TX, Nemirovskii works with U.S. skaters of all levels in various parts of the United States. Moylan Premier SC is honored to have the privilege of bringing these world-class coaches to Omaha area skaters.

Evgueni Nemirovskii

Valentin Nikolayev