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About Moylan Premier Figure Skating Club

Mission Statement

The goal of Moylan Premier Skating Club is to support the objectives of United States Figure Skating, the sport's governing body, by providing high quality instruction and encouraging good sportsmanship and the development of life-long skills in its members.

What is Moylan Premier Skating all About....

Moylan Premier Skating Club prides itself in being the strongest competitive Figure Skating development program in the area.  Moylan Premier Skating Club  has successfully trained skaters, from tots to adults, to compete in local, regional, and national competitions. More important than the pride we take in our skaters' tremendous achievements, are the life skills learned when a young person is encouraged to do their very best.

The combination of on-ice and off-ice group lessons, coupled with the quality of our teaching staff, brings in skaters from several different states including Kansas, Iowa, Texas, and Missouri.  Our coaches strive to develop powerful, strong, yet elegant skaters. Our kids have great work ethic and passion and are very committed to succeeding in their sport.  The level of camaraderie between the skaters is second to none and our older skaters are wonderful role models.  The pride we take in our skaters' tremendous achievements, are the life skills learned when a young person is encouraged to do their very best.  Our skaters gain self-discipline, sportsmanship, self-confidence, organization, worldclass fitness, and a lifetime of memories. With Premier Figure Skating Club, you can succeed in more than figure skating - all while accomplishing the most important thing for kids - having fun!

Key words that describe our club are: determination, power, elegance, strength, commitment, endurance, speed, character, artistry, and passion.

Moylan Premier's Programs

Moylan Premier Skating Club offers both group and private instruction for all levels and ages of skaters. Our on-ice and off-ice, cost-effective group lessons deliver proven results. Discover the basic skills of ice skating in our on-ice Learn to Skate classes. Innovations classes, also on-ice, focuses on improving technical skills and the mastery of artistic elements. Off-ice classes include Conditioning to improve overall body strength, agility and flexibility. Jump classes provide careful instruction in the most thrilling skating moves before they are attempted on the ice. Summer camp is the most challenging part of our program. During two weeks figure skaters face unique training challenges. Constant training on-ice can leave ankles, knees and certain muscle groups neglected. For young skaters, this can mean underdevelopment in critical areas and a higher risk of injury. Beach training is just one of the off-ice techniques employed by Moylan Premier to train in these areas. The combination of sand and water offer great cross-training to build strength in ankles and knees, exercise underdeveloped muscles, execute Osgood-Schlatter preventive exercises and introduce advanced skaters to higher difficulty jumps.

Off Ice Class